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The Lonestar can offer a very competitive package to suit all budgets. 

If you require further information regarding a booking or have any questions, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Lonestar can provide professional historical shows and talks to meet all of your requirements.

 We will attend your village fete's, Steam and Traction rallies, town and local carnivals even museums and other corporate events.  

1.   Up to 15-25 members in full authentic attire

2.    6 + Authentic camps

3.   Living History display and talks all day

4.   2 live action shootouts per day

We can even provide a Prairie covered wagon and a cannon.

Large Scale Events

(This Package is fully booked up until further notice)

Ideal for large scale week - weekend events 

1.   50 + members in a variety of authentic attire

2.   15+ Authentic camps (an impressive site)

3.   Living History displays and talks all day

4.   Original Chuck Wagon

5.    3 Live-action shootouts every day 

                                                                         We are now taking bookings for 2019/2020

Please note that all events are subject to change. On the rare occasion that Lonestar are unable to attend an event, a period of no less than 30 days notice of cancellation prior to the event date will be given, additionally, Lonestar also reserve the right to cancel attendance to an event and will equally given no less than 30 days notice. All clients booking the Lonestar take full responsibility for  marketing and advertising costs when promoting Lonestar at their events.  Should there be a change or cancellation, lonestar will not be responsible for these costs.


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