Lonestar and Education

Due to the exceptional, professional experience and dedication that the members of Lonestar offer, this enables us to ensure that factual history is not only educational but can be fun too and encourages today’s society to learn about the past. 

The flagship for Lonestar is to educate today’s society about the past and to take away some of the mythology that surrounds the American West given to us by Hollywood.  In particular, there it is a belief that the American West belongs to the Americans. We believe that without the migration of many pioneering Europeans, (including a great many from the UK) who took with them their knowledge and trade experience, without which the American West would not have had such rapid prosperity and success.

The Lonestar method of education is through instruction, inspiration and interpretation.

    •   We are  able to offer a diverse style of learning methods but in particular a  'hands on' experience.
    •   Fun and interactive discussion covering many themes such as:
        • OK Corral
        • Cavalry
        • Native Americans
        • Women of the West
        • Outlaws and Lawmen
        •   Theatrical demonstrations and displays 

We, at Lonestar consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have been welcomed at many schools, colleges, charities and organisations in the past and to the current day to deliver our instructional services.  Below are just a few that we, as a group have been delighted to work with: 

Wellesbourne Community School

Stockton Riverside College

Norton Community Primary School

Princes Trust Team

West Wirral Scouts Association

Leek Council