A Town called Lonestar

Let me take you to a place back in time, to a new country, on a new journey, for a new experience.  Back to a time where technology was the latest state of the art pocket watch, communication was by letter or telegraph, where transportation was either by horse and carriage or on the newest transport system, the steam locomotive and even shanks’ pony (walking).

A time where the brave Pioneers had come on a new journey to a new world.  Where there were many threats to their lives; from the Natives, the ever-changing climate, disease and starvation.  However, through adversity comes opportunity and on they travelled in their thousands not knowing what the future held for them.

And so America was truly transformed, being slowly changed by these new invaders.  And through these changes came the battles amongst its people, first the Natives and then the Civil War raised its ugly head.  The North fought against the South; brother fought against brother and another long struggle for the new nation began. The Blues (Union) and the Greys (Confederates) fought against each other in the valiant fight they believed in.  And then emerged the terrifying Bushwhackers (Guerrillas who fought for the Confederates), a band of brigands who lead a reign of terror wherever they rode. William Quantrill led these desperadoes into many battles against the Union and the Redlegs from the North, a likewise bunch of rogues who were as determined as Quantrill to cause as many problems as possible.

With the end of the Civil War came further change.  Money was to be made, gold had been found and everyone wanted a try at finding this precious metal and striking it rich.  The new railway systems that were being built also brought the prospect of work for the new arrivals.  And so, canvas towns were built where the miners were found, new towns were formed.  Canvas towns were used as they were easy to assemble and take down quickly as the railroads etc. moved on. 

From these small canvas towns, bigger towns formed as merchants moved in to sell their wares, saloons opened to quench the thirst of the railroaders, miners and the ever present Cowboys who were usually not too far away  Faro tables were installed to take their hard earned cash and the saloon girls…..well!

And so we come to the canvas town of The Lonestar and its inhabitants, many of whom portray actual characters from this era.  All camp items are either original or perfect replicas of the period.  Sketches are performed by the members of Lonestar such as the OK Corral, Trouble in El Paso and The Miners.  Members of the public are encouraged to walk around the camps and speak to the towns folk in our Living History displays who can narrate a short biography of the person they portray.

Lt. Calhoun (Patrick Townsend- Chairman) leads the 7th Cavalry.  The 7th are always on hand to help out in any circumstances and they are needed often!   

An officer and a gentleman, the eligible Lt. Calhoun, guaranteed to make the ladies of Lonestar faint and swoon!


Every camp needs a cook and here is our man Skeat.  Skeat cooks authentic cowboy food (not a burger or bean in sight)!

He can always be found making the best of food and the coffee pot is always ready for the weary traveller who comes into town.









The town has a General Store run by Little Moe and Chance who sell everything that is required from sewing needles to cooking stoves.  A little den of activity and a hive of gossip.  Chance can often be seen running to his wife’s bidding, but don’t be tempted to think he is a wimp, he’s not afraid to be in a fight! 

Little Moe with store help; Foster outside the General Store. (Foster is also the town drunk)!

No self-respecting town would be without an Undertaker and here is ours, George .H. Waterman.  

Although one would expect an undertaker to be a man of peace, again he is useful in a fight…….Buries by day, kills by night!

A doctor is always required in a tough town like Lonestar.  Doc Cochrane is a gentleman and works quietly aiding the inhabitants removing such things as splinters in fingers to removal of bullets, delivering babies and deploying bodies to the Undertaker. 

The Doctor with his many items of torture - Sorry I mean surgery! Be afraid, be very afraid!