Welcome to The Lonestar, the largest and most experienced western re-enactment group in the UK.  Our membership grows from year to year from all parts of the Country. 
We offer a professional experience for the Private, Corporate and Public sectors,  and can supply authentic living history displays, educational workshops and live action performances to suit your requirements.
At events, we warmly welcome the audience to take a walk around the town of Lonestar and to converse with our dedicated members about the period and characters we portray, all of which have been studied to give the best experience to our visitors. 
Within Lonestar, there are various sections which ensure that as many areas of the West are portrayed, these include:

5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment

The 7th Cavalry

Outlaws and Bounty Hunters 

Natives, Trappers and Mountain-men

Homesteaders and Settlers

The Montana Vigilantes

The Texas Rangers 

The Original Arizona Rangers

Ladies Sorority 

The mission of Lonestar is to promote through knowledge and displays,
the 19th Century American West at its best.

Kind permission has been given for all photographs on this site from celticoriginsphotography, phills fotos and Lonestar members.
Updated 23/12/2018
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